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This section contains information regarding the support of iOS Application which you can download from the Apple AppStore.

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Chord Coach


Train your skill of guitar chords!Just choose the chords you know from the Chord BankGenerate the random queue of 50 chosen chords from your selection by one clickChoose the speed (BMP)Choose number of tabs in BarPlayImprove your skills by learning and adding new chords from the Chord Bank and train again. This is a simple application which really helps, I c...

EM Contacts


EM Contacts is simple applicatin for bulk sending of contact information from device address book via e-mail. This feature is not a part of iOS yet. Choose the contacts from your address book which you would like to send to other devices (e. g. to your colleague at work or to a friend) and generate e-mail by one click which will contain...

Last update: 02/24/2015